Monday, 22 October 2007

Artist statement

My notion upon creating art is about decomposes and reorganize a subject. Through the process of recombining fragments, there is always something new will arise apart from the original. What is the changes and how do we define it is what I am interested in.

Personality can be solidified through creating art, because a personality also a combination of fragments. In mine creation, I try to discover the relations about myself and the age I live in; especially this digital age that flooded by Internet. Regarding this, I do not draw any conclusion and also not making critic; besides expressing my feeling, I also like to express my doubt upon improving self-cognition in this digital age.

I support the concept of Dualism, which describe the myriad things have its positive and the opposite side, but these two are auxiliary supporting each other; namely in the Taoism theory describe “Yin and Yang”. Therefore my creation concept and the way I express also split to two contrast parts.

I apply the computer language, namely “the binary system” to the numeral fills in colour game concept combine with nude painting. I referencing symbolic expression to metaphor the relations of man and the digital world that composed by the number ‘0’ and ‘1’.

I use thick and heavy paint to form the character and texture of flesh to represent the physical reality; opposite with the virtual world composed by dots and lines, to symbolize the psychological reality. Both fragmented but yet connected one another. It just like it is impossible to disentangle artifice from nature, fact from fiction, fantasy from reality.

I concern about the structure and composition of my image. I refer to the structure of the fragmented safety glass, map, and computer motherboard, mosaic art and so on, to present my concept of virtual world: an artificial nature.











我以厚重的肌理質感表現生理上的現實,相對由點、線組成的虛擬世界,我稱之為心理上的現實。兩者互相分裂成碎片但又結合為一體;就好比不能完全把人工的從自然中分開、把虛構的從事實中分開、 把幻像從現實中分開一樣。