Sunday, 6 November 2011


Personally, I am interested in the connection between “still” and “life”.

I deconstruct and rebuild visual relationships as I draw on figure, everyday objects and space. This is not to depict literal dismemberment, but rather to augment the disconnected, anxious tension between themselves, their bodies and immediate surroundings.

By adapting the formula of classical painting, I shape representation form with black outline accordingly to my collective conscious, which inspired in daily life, and then I purified my intended images with white pigment by overlapping the previous black outline. At last, I apply an even paint onto surface, to reveal what eye sees: colors, shapes, optical phenomenon. Color isn't playing any significant role to portray my feeling.

In my artwork, narration and expression are not my concern. “Form” is my intention. I am inquiring into a formula that can completely record the sensational experiences. My process of painting is like withdrawing a drawer, and then inserts it back after clearing and cleaning it.




相对于叙事或抒发,绘画形式的探讨是我最感兴趣的。对我而言画画在于整理我的感观经验,当中的逻辑就像整理一个抽屉: 我习惯先把东西个别取出,擦拭干净再分类重新置入。在我的作品里结构等于造型,好比把隐藏在雕塑里的支架曝露;而颜色则仅是表面的呈现,不表现主观情感。

Figure in Sofa I
2011 / Oil on linen / 156 x 140 cm

Figure in Sofa II
2011 / Oil on linen / 168 x 182 cm

In black and white events of ‘Figure in Sofa I’ & ‘Figure in Sofa II’, I am depicting a fluid human form in the sofa which place in a living room. I translated the visible objects into my vision; I am capturing the movement of still life and suggesting a quiet but pervasive depression atmosphere in a timeless tense of a living room.

椅子是我的常用主题, Figure in sofa I Figure in sofaII 捕捉如肉团般滩在沙发里的人的姿势。少了骨架支撑的肉体似乎遭沙发吞噬,是我观照自身的生活经验得出的形象。

Falling Figure in Bathroom
2011 / Oil on canvas / 110 x 100 cm

The falling gesture images came from my memory, on the daily news letter that i have been through. I feel insecure, with the victim’s state of mind, to the hidden crisis that might come to me in anytime anywhere.


Nothing Happened Here
2011 / Oil on linen / 200 x 300 cm (tryptych)

Study on a sequence of motion (walking). I tried to restore the scene of a petition from various aspects, based on personal experience. I paint everything with black lines: the possible details and process, and then I cover/ rubbing off everything with white paint.

I doubt the authenticity of my life, through the information that is reported in mainstream media, through the contradiction of being an active facebooker to the great silent majority, through the invisible warning lines everywhere.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011


By car:
Easiest way is to take the last exit on the AKLEH (Ampang exit). Follow the road, and turn right at traffic light. Go straight until you see Petronas and Caltex on your left, about 50m afterwards, turn left at the mamak called D'Klasik. Find parking.

From Jalan Ampang (if you're coming from KLCC), go straight all the way, passing by Gleanegles and Ampang Point on your left. After taking the overhead bridge next to Ampang Point, turn right at the second traffic light. Go straight until you see Petronas and Caltex on your left, about 50m afterwards, turn left at the mamak called D'Klasik. Find parking.

On the MRR2,(If you're coming from Cheras, make a U-turn under the bridge right after Tesco Ampang.) If you're coming from Ampang, Tesco will be on your right, Perabot Cempaka on your left. Stay left, and turn left at the second traffic light. (There will be a signboard saying " Jalan Cempaka"). Menara Axis will be on your right. Go straight until see rows of shoplots on your right. Turn right and go into the housing area, take first right and find parking.

By train: Star LRT (Ampang Line) station Cempaka. HOM is 3 minutes walk from the station.