Friday, 17 July 2009


之前画的一则,动机在看了Petra的“也许是我最后的告国人书”(出处∶Malaysia Today)之后。当时的情绪激动,却充满无力感,想到V for Vandeta, 想勉励大家“还会有千千万万个Vandeta"!

但是Vandeta的代价... 请看Petra的”很久以前文章已经写好“(出处∶Malaysia Today)。但愿这只不过是谣言和讽刺文章... 但是我们看到了人命... 看到许多人不断的从眼前消失... 不断消失... 最后,一个没有人的马来西亚诞生了。

I drew this previously, after reading "Probably my last message to Malaysians" from Petra. I became stirred up and felt so powerless, thus i thought of V for Vandeta, thought of to encourage people that "there are more Vendeta"!

And the cost for being Vandeta is... Let's refer "The writing was already on the wall so long ago" from Petra. Hope these are just rumours and innuendoes... , but we saw bodies... people are keep disappearing... keep disappearing... and ONE EMPTY MALAYSIA is finally born.