Tuesday, 13 March 2007

paintings & illustrations

jom magazine comic competition 2005... 1st

painting for stephen chow 2004

painting for x-man3 2006

self explore 2005

self explore 2005

Anugerah Kijang Bank Negara Malaysia 2004... exhibited

Putrajaya National Watercolour Awards 2006... exhibited

self explore 2003

self explore 2002

Mahathir's 23 years contributions project 2003

Nokia Arts Awards Malaysia 2002... exhibited

graphic novels

self explore 2006

Peraduan Baka Baru Komik Malaysia 2004... 1st

outdoor paintings 2004- 2006

Pic1-pic6 done in my drawing trip to Penang with artist Chow Chin Chuan and his students in 2005... was a cool trip, coz he know Penang very well...

Grandma's house at Ampang (last picture)... which had been removed by government in 2006... was a historical kampung baru house T_T

Monday, 5 March 2007